28 March 2015

Springtime in Savannah: Back in the Day Bakery

Springtime and a woman's fancy turns to ....the sweet stuff. Yes, cupcakes. Specifically, Savannah's Back in the Day Bakery's old-fashioned vanilla cupcakes. If you can't make a quick visit to Savannah, you can still bake your own. That's if you're lucky enought to have Cheryl Day's Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook on your cookbook shelf.

I still remember my visit to this charming bakery a few years ago-- and talking with Cheryl Day (the owner). That was also when I learned that her husband Griffith (he makes all the artisan breads at the bakery) is originally from Minneapolis. "At 47," said Cheryl, "he'd never left Minneapolis". That is, until she persuaded him to move to Savannah.  Eventually, they married. But it took awhile----since they could never find a time for a wedding, according to Cheryl. Finally, one day when the minister was at the bakery during business hours, they decided to just have the wedding right then and there. Cheryl told me that regulars at the bakery still tell her, Oh, yeah, I was in line for the bakery checkout the day you got married. 

I love that sweet story. And now the sequel! I discovered (via Instagram) that Cheryl has a new cookbook out (a few days ago, in fact!): the book is Back in the Day Made with Love! Check out instagram @cherylday for more info on their book tour to promote it.  But why does their spring/summer book tour schedule not include Minneapolis I am wondering??  (See my recipe page for the cupcake recipe.)

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