09 June 2008

Chicago: Garrett's Popcorn Shops

In January, I was in Chicago. That was, let's see, going on almost 6 months ago. And right now, not only am I in need of a serious summertime visit to the Windy City (the best time of all to visit), I'm desperately in need of a Garrett's popcorn fix. More specifically, their famous Chicago “Mix” --a combination of caramel corn and cheese corn. One of Oprah’s favorite things. Think sugar and salt. Sweet and savory. Highly addictive. Once you open the waxed paper bag, you can't stop. Your fingers get kind of orange-y, sticky and greasy (but in a good way). Winter time Chicago, there's nothing like returning to a warm hotel room after a visit to say the Signature Room at the 95th—high atop the John Hancock Center-- where you’ve just sipped a Mojito and watched a spectacular sunset with your best friend, and then junk fooding out back at the room with a full bag of freshly made Garrett's mix -- laughing together over a rented movie. (I'm talking about a Brit comedy here, not the pay-per-view stuff by the way.)

Tip: Garrett Popcorn has been around since 1949 and now has several locations, but long lines still prevail. (I know people who have waited in line 45 minutes or more. What?? Are they crazy? I won't name names.) But through the years, I've discovered the Randolph Street location usually has shorter wait times (a good thing when you are running late to the airport and have made your taxi stop at the shop--did I mention not to forget to buy a bag for the flight home?) If you can’t get to Chicago, you can order online, but for the real deal, a trip to the Windy City is always a good thing.

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