28 October 2010

Halloween Treat: Candy corn and peanuts

Autumn brings many exciting sweets to the table. It is, of course, the season of candy corn. And as any good Minnesota mom knows, it is also the time to make up a mixture of candy corn and peanuts. When a handful of this sweet and salty mixture goes into the mouth and is chewed together, it tastes  like the Salted Nut Roll candy bar. (The recipe is basically: mix one jar of dry roasted salted peanuts with one bag of candy corn. If you like more peanuts or more candy corn, adjust accordingly.) I thought everyone knew about this sweet October delicacy. But when I discovered that there are some folks (mostly of the East Coast persuasion) who said they had not heard of the treat, much less the Salted Nut Roll, it gave me pause. Could it really be? So to those who already know, you can skip this part. And to those who do need explanation: the Salted Nut Roll is a sweet nougat center covered in caramel, then in peanuts, and made by Pearson's, a small candy company in St. Paul. They also make the famous Nut Goodie candy bar (I guess they're into nuts). And yes, this is the candy bar that Garrison Keillor has promoted and made famous. Years ago, I had the fun opportunity to tour Pearson's candy factory when I was on an assignment. (The factory is not open to the public.) This is one of the tiny candy companies we need to support--and I am happy to promote their sweet goods.

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  1. Love the blog - just found this post, and I'm so glad that mixing candy corn and peanuts isn't just my own crazy thing! I've linked to your post in my entry today :)