15 March 2011

Sweet on the Queen of Tarts in Dublin, Ireland

Queen of Tarts, Dublin, Ireland
If you should happen to find yourself in Dublin anytime soon, make a point to visit the Queen of Tarts shop (pictured above)-- a shop that is as charmingly cozy and delicious as it looks. Near Dublin Castle, on Cow's Lane (and no, for those inquiring minds, there are no cows to worry about), the minuscule tea room opened in 1998 (according to its website). It's fragrant and lovely with beautiful offerings: lemon meringue tarts (yes, I bought one), apple crumbles made with Bramley's Irish apples, buttermilk brown breads, even pretty pink flower-topped cupcakes. I am wishing I was there right now!

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As you can see the shop is tiny--but mighty--even the New York Times has praised it!Posted by Picasa

On this same trip, I also stopped in Dublin's Keogh's Cafe where the line is out the door almost always. But you must not miss this place for its scones: Cherry and almond, rhubarb and ginger (score!), pear and vanilla...and many more. Later on while traveling the region, I also stayed at the Castle Leslie estate (a most unusual but beautiful spot) and took a cooking class at its cookery school. From there, I brought home a fabulous butternut squash soup recipe. See my story in AAA Home & Away: "Things are cooking in Ireland", if you are interested.

So many fun memories from that trip.....Richelle and Sue, Mary Lu....debriefing nights in the hotel rooms...

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  1. I remember the debriefings (especially the night I got lost and was wandering the halls) but I don't remember the treats. You must have kept them all to yourself!

  2. I think I ate all the treats waiting for you the night you were lost.

  3. I was so worried about you that I had to do something. You know how it is.