14 May 2008

Norway: Baker Brun

Per Rick Steves' ( http://ricksteves.com/) Scandinavia 2007 recommendation-- I stopped in Baker Brun for morning espresso and a skillingsbolle (Norway's version of the cinnamon roll). Baker Brun is located right on the pier where the stalls are set up for Bergen's famous fish market. There really is nothing like eating this oven-warm treat near the water, with the seagulls noisy overhead and birds nearby waiting for some sugar-y crumbs. The next morning I tried the sommerbolle--which is similar to the skillingsbolle, except it has a sunshine-y yellow circle of vanilla custard in the center. One bite into the literally just made custard (it was still warm), combined with the soft bread, plus the drizzle of frosting--and I decided this sweet beauty was my new favorite Norwegian specialty. (Much as I love salmon, I still prefer a pastry for breakfast.) More info: http://www.visitnorway.com/