03 March 2009

Egypt: Memories and more

I just returned from Egypt--The Land of Civilization--and I am still recovering from being "civilized". When I landed in Cairo, I truly had no idea what to expect. I was certainly not anticipating quaint and charming scenarios, but I have to admit I was totally unprepared for the city's chaos, noise, lack of traffic rules, and general crazy quilt of people and action. Yet as I traveled throughout the country, and got more acclimated to the whole idea of really being in Egypt--Egypt! (me! a little ole Midwestern girl!), I found the people friendly and warm--happy to see visitors(obviously many were interested in baksheesh)but mostly genuinely wanting to make tourists feel welcome in their country. And of course, the antiquities are unsurpassable, from the pyramids to the temples. I did discover that candy shops are few and far between (and liquor even more distant)but I had some really sweet experiences --and hey, that's what this blog is all about. Stories to follow.