29 April 2009

Pretty in Pink in Macon, GA

It's serious when you can't even keep up with yourself. I was in Macon, Georgia more than a month ago already! I haven't had a chance to write more about Egypt and I just returned from Memphis. In between, I was in Boston visiting my son and his wife, and in Milwaukee for Easter at my aunt's. Help me, please, to find more than 24 hours in a day. Meantime, regarding my time in Macon: what a beautiful surprise of a city! Between raindrops, I indulged on "pink pancakes", toured historic southern mansions, inhaled the perfume of 305,000 blooming cherry trees, and visited the beautifully restored Douglass Theatre (where Macon's hometown favorite Otis Redding used to win the weekly talent contests until they told him he had to quit entering to give someone else a chance). Oh, and did I mention the chocolate cake (see photo below) at City Market? Quite possibly, the biggest layer cake I have ever seen --a slice was like a whole cake pan worth -- and it tasted as delicious as it looked. I know, because I came, I sampled, I waddled home. (Good thing, I have a coupon for free registration to weight watcher's thro May.)