11 August 2010

Cold Comfort: Re-living cool memories

As the days are sweltering here in Minnesota now with high temps and humidity, I've been cooling off by re-living cool days and nights from a recent road trip on the west coast. My sister and I met in Sacramento, proceeded thro the California redwoods and up the Oregon coast to Olympia, Washington. One of our first stops was the above roadside stand selling produce, flowers and yes, fresh blackberry popsicles which we loved.
In Trinidad, we stopped for lunch at the Seascape which overlooked the ocean and fishermen bringing in their fresh catches. I had quite possibly the best fish and chips ever. (We also had to wear our hoodie sweatshirts because it was so wonderfully cold.)

On our third night, we stayed in Pacific City, Oregon across from the ocean AND the Pelican Pub and Restaurant, very convenient. Great cold beer brewed on the premises. Great spicy mahi mahi quesadillas. And the people were all so super friendly, I told my sis I felt like we were in an ad promoting the Oregon coast.
The next day we stopped at Tillamook Cheese Factory which was a total zoo. Who knew a cheese factory could be such a tourist and family destination--almost like an amusement park. "Is it always this busy?" we asked the check-out clerk at the gift store. The answer: "Usually, busier. We have 3,000 to 5,000 visitors a day from Memorial Day to Labor Day." We think there must have been at least 10,000 people the day we were there. In fact, we had to have a double scoop of ice cream to de-stress after our shopping experience there. Out of many ice cream flavor choices, I narrowed it down to the marionberry pie and chocolate peanut butter. I couldn't decide and the people behind me were getting impatient, so I ordered both.