15 July 2011

Black and white cookies from Boston

I just realized I mentioned I'd be writing about regional sweets today. It is a rainy dreary day--and the dewpoint is going up. I am holed up inside the house and wishing I could bake, but it is just not a baking kind of day, if you know what I mean. If I was in Boston, where my oldest son and his wife used to live, I would put up an umbrella and walk to Fiore's bakery (it's actually in Jamaica Plain) and get one of these black and white cookies. They are the size of a dinner plate--well, okay, a large saucer. I always bought one (or two) when I visited. I have tried to find a recipe for them ever since, and always failed. They are almost like a cake texture--and then of course, frosted half vanilla and half chocolate. Last time I was there they called them a Half Moon cookie. So far, I have read that they are more commonly known as a black-and-white cookie in New York. Whatever they are called (I plan to research later), I need one.

12 July 2011

Official Desserts!

FYI: Check out the July/August issue of National Geographic Traveler for my story on "Hometown Desserts". I'll be posting more on Friday about regional sweets.
PS: The bizcochitos are the "official dessert" in the photo here--not the guy holding them.