30 October 2011

Belgian Chocolates

I am just back from Belgium--Brussels and Brugge--with a suitcase entirely filled with boxes and tins and bags of chocolates. (You think I am kidding; I'm not.) I can only say that there is a reason Belgian chocolates are the best. Actually, there are many reasons. I believe it was Elizabeth Barrett Browning who put it so poetically ...How do I love thee Belgian chocolate...let me count the ways....(or something to that effect..)

16 October 2011

Plaisirs sucrés

Why don't restaurants in the U.S. serve espresso with complimentary truffles? It's such a civilized way to end a meal. (This was in Honfleur, France. A rainy day--but who cared?)

In our first hotel, they were selling local honey at the desk. Mmmmmm. With a baguette, honey. S'il vous plaît.