31 May 2010

Sweet Shop: Billy's Bakery in Chelsea

How can you not love a place called "Billy's Bakery"? After seeing the Martha Stewart show in the heart of Chelsea, my friends and I happened on Billy's while walking to Pastis where we planned to have lunch. But how could you walk by? There was a guy in the window frosting cupcakes! The entire shop was not much bigger than a cream puff. And it was filled with delights--layer cakes on pedestals and under glass, lemon bars, peanut butter chocolate bars. Cookies. I bought a white cupcake with turquoise buttercream frosting that had little sprinkles on top and had it placed in a cute colorful square box with a handle (like a cupcake purse!)that cost extra (but was worth it). Many cupcakes are disappointments--they look so sweet and delectable but turn out dry and flavorless.
This little number was not one of those. It was delicious. Very delicious. Definitely worth a stop. PS Down the street (Ninth Avenue) was another little shop called Three Tarts. Another winner and worth another stop.

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