06 February 2014

Quebec City: One Sweet Winter Festival

Quebec City's annual winter carnival (this year: January 31 to February 16, 2014) is all about embracing winter--complete with plenty of food, fun and activities for everyone--even those not so crazy about cold weather.
Bonhomme is the rockstar ambassador who makes appearances everywhere during the festival (don't be surprised if he should show up at a restaurant where you're having dinner!)
Everyone thought I was crazy to go further north during this brutally cold winter (even I questioned my sanity), but once there, it's difficult not to join the joyous camaraderie. Tip: drinking the traditional "caribou" concoction helps. (See my new Woman Vs. Drink website for the recipe.)

The entire carnival is a great celebration--and I am looking forward to attending again! Next year I want to see the ice canoe races, maybe try snow rafting....and of course, sample more sugar pie (Quebec's City's famous and delicious dessert; recipe to follow.)

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